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Telecom to move to Cloud-Computing

Telecom to use Office 365

US Cloud-Computing firm is to be brought by Cisco

Cloud-Computing company Meraki is to sell for £750m to the world's largest maker of networking equipment, Cisco.

Cloud-Computing firm Star is brought for £55m

Claranet has brought UK firm Star, to offer cloud-integrated products to customers.

We will have our heads in the cloud.

The future of the internet is Cloud Computing.

Security Issues Within cloud Computing

Fears have been growing over security issues over cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Security Needed.

The company Symantec fleshed out a strategy to develop more protections.

Memset enjoy revenue growth

Cloud Computing biz, Memset have spoke about their revenue growth.

Cloud storage gets ISO approval.

Data to be moved around private and pubic clouds

Iomart invests in fibre network

Cloud Computing firm to invest millions for its UK data centre locations.

Top wish list for bank CIOs

Cloud Computing, IT Investment Cash and Mobile Banking

Private network Cloud Computing

Services to use private network instead of public.

Government Cloud Computing Accelerating.

Amazons share in cloud computing.

Oracle to announce a new infrastructure as a service.

This new service hosted in an oracle data centre will provide customers with access to secure, virtualised compute power.

Cloud Computing will change by 2020.

The early days of Cloud Computing, many organisations are taking their first step.

Most companies are expanding computing skills.

New categories of jobs arising from Cloud Computing

Thanks to Cloud Computing hackers lives are made easier.

When trying to virtually grab money, customers were the hackers' main target.

Cloud Computing is driving success for small businesses.

Cloud Computing has already transformed the way people around the world work, play and communicate.

Cloud Computing Costs.

Effective cost control can be a major reason to consider moving to the cloud.

Cutting the Cost of Cooling

According to Mike Field, Operations Director of Unidata Infrastructure, cooling is always a vital concern when it comes to data storage...

Dell Makes Wyse Move

Computer giant Dell has added another investment to its ever-growing portfolio of end-to-end IT solutions, with the acquisition of Wyse Technology, the leading cloud client computing provider in the world...

Data Security: Is Anywhere Safe?

The hacktivist group Anonymous has claimed responsibility for accessing a server which operates the US Bureau of Justice statistics website...

Cloud Computing Will Change the World

Cloud computing will be the next great driver of social change, according to John Sculley, former CEO of Apple...

Cloud Computing Targets May Be Missed by Government

The cloud computing plans by the UK Government have not been met with much enthusiasm by departments of the public sector...

Cloud Computing a Game Changer in IT Recruitment

Cloud computing may be costing a lot more jobs than it creates, and the jobs it does create may require a different skillset...

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