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Equality & Diversity Policy


We are totally convinced of the business case for workplace diversity.
It is not just about "compliance” but for the record we will not:
• In respect of age, gender, disability, ethnic or national origin, marital status including civil partnerships, disability, sexual orientation, maternity /pregnancy, gender reassignment, religion or belief:
• Ever accept any recruitment brief that directly or (in our reasonable opinion) indirectly indicates a potential bias towards or against candidates based on one of these characteristics. Excepting:
• There are some very limited exceptions, e.g. (UK) commitment to interview all disabled applicants meeting minimum job requirements on behalf of a client who has registered for the "Two Ticks” programme.

Clients should recognise 2 related issues that are likely to impact on our work on their behalf:
• Our work is exclusively search ('headhunting') for senior roles in the IT sector. The candidate pool should therefore be expected to reflect this market. For example (UK,source UK Commission for Employment and Skills).:

                                     Just 27% of those employed in Britain’s digital industries are women. Expected to rise to 30% by 2022 

• We work in multiple jurisdictions. For instance, in the context of the UK we have the distinction between positive action and positive discrimination. Whereas in the USA we are dealing with "affirmative action". Singapore has no stand-alone antidiscrimination laws.

It is important that where a client has specific diversity policies impacting on recruitment (and going beyond statutory minimum requirements), whether global or regional, these are shared with us on commencement of an assignment. We need to be representing these client standards in our dealings with candidates, remembering also that commitment to diversity is a very positive message to potential recruits.

If a client has a particular interest in diversity matters we would be happy to introduce them to a colleague business Kingshill Management Consultants – specialists in diversity.

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