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The Leading provider of talent within the Cloud Computing sector

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Candidates - Cloud Computing Jobs and Recruitment

Cloud Careers Ltd is a market leader in supplying specialists to the Cloud and Managed Services sectors. We work with many leading organizations who provide services such as; Cloud, Big Data, Security, Data Center, Networking, Hosting.

Sometimes we are lucky enough to be approached by excellent candidates as a result of advertising. However, when people are currently employed, we understand individuals are going to apprehensive and reluctant in putting personal details on to job sites and applying to adverts written by companies whom they have had no previous dealings with. 

At Cloud Careers we make every effort to feed information through our group pages regarding requirements, we want relevant people to see our opportunities in a sensitive, unthreatening way.  This then allows you to approach us at a suitable time.

We understand that you are sharing sensitive information with us, you may even be approaching us from a company who is currently a client, this happens, especially in niche markets. Whatever your situation, we will always treat every conversation and application in complete confidence - this is paramount to candidates and also our reputation.

If you would like to discuss any of our opportunities, or arrange for a discussion surrounding your career, please use the contact details provided for our offices.

Alternatively please feel free to upload your CV or LinkedIn profile onto our site (click on the LinkedIn icon on our home page). Your CV will only be visible to our internal staff via our database and the submission will be acknowledged via an email.

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