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The Leading provider of talent within the Cloud Computing sector

call: 0845 299 7933

Looking for a Career in Cloud Computing?

Cloud Careers Ltd is a leading provider of talent within the Cloud Computing and Managed Services sectors.  We offer a customised, professional and bespoke service and we commit to reinforcing our client's brand. We are Industry experts, we are dedicated to Cloud Computing and Managed Services, assisting clients and candidates within this rapidly expanding marketplace.

With head offices in Reading we work with clients worldwide.

Clients – providers of cloud based services

Cloud Careers have successfully built up a reputation as a leading talent provider within the Cloud Computing and Managed Services sectors. We focus on supplying Executives, Technical and Sales specialists and we have built up an impressive reputation with the very best talent in your market place.  We have an expert understanding of the European, US and APAC markets.  We invest a great deal of time on social networking and industry events, quite often the people you want are currently working and we have positioned ourselves to be able to easily communicate with individuals who aren't on the open market, via our various groups and networking channels.

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen and understand our clients and their requirements, we focus heavily on representing our clients brands in a positive and professional manor.  We are not in the business of forwarding responses to advertising, that does not represent value for money, we are strategic and ultra consultative in our approach.

Candidates – Executives, Technical & Sales

We truly understand our sector and what people do. We are not here to judge or oversell you a position, we pride ourselves on listening and working with individuals to achieve the 'right' career move for you.  We will always offer you best practice advise and we have the facilities and expertise to genuinely support and assist you in your career.

A number of our consultants have worked directly for Cloud Companies; others have proven experience recruiting in-house or through agencies within the technology sectors. Please do refer to our contact details, should you wish to speak to an expert.

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